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Executive Function Skills:

The Foundation for Success in School, Work, & Life


Are challenges in Executive Function getting in the way at school? At work? At home? Or, in your relationships?


You are not alone. There is hope.


Begin boosting your Executive Function Skills today...

with ADHD & Executive Function Coaching


Welcome to Positively ADHD, Specialized Coaching, Training, & Educational Support Services for Students & Parents, Adults, and Educators. We are a Niagara-based ADHD & Executive Function Coaching and Training company, serving clients in Niagara and around the world (via both in-person and web-based services).

At Positively ADHD, we are passionate about empowering those experiencing academic, work, family, and life challenges to set and achieve their goals, discover their hidden strengths and talents, and to develop a better understanding of how challenges in Executive Function may be impacting their lives. We work exclusively with students, parents, adults, and educators impacted by ADHD and Executive Function challenges.


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What Clients Say:

"Tammy was instrumental in helping me to navigate the university system. With her neuropsychological background, she was the perfect person to help me understand my ADHD, get beyond the labels and dig down into how my brain function impacts a whole host of areas (academic, personal, emotional, relationships, work environments, for instance) and then how to a) become aware of these effects, b) prioritize which ones are issues, c) learn new tactics to get around issues, and d) develop new habits."  S.E., Toronto, Canada



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