Fees & Payment Information

Initial Intake & Strategy Planning Session $375.00*



  • 90 min. session focused upon uncovering and understanding how challenges in executive function may be showing up in the life of the client.

  • Includes creation of a success plan for moving forward in a more focused, organized, and balanced way.

  • Clients leave this session with increased clarity about their own unique strengths and weaknesses along with strategies that can be implemented immediately following this initial coaching session.

  • Next steps will be discussed, including how coaching can support the client in moving forward. Options will be presented with respect to coaching programs offered and questions about these options will be addressed.

  • $375.00 * (*plus applicable taxes)

423.75 CAD

October 2020 Executive Function Skills Program for Students, Parents, Adults, & Educators $1497.00*


This coaching program is specifically designed to support those impacted by weak executive function skills (such as time management, planning, and organization) to better manage their school, work, and family life so that they can achieve more, with less stress.

This program uses an innovative approach to enhancing executive function skills that draws upon current neuroscience research, educational principles, and simple natural health strategies to create time management, planning, and organization strategies that actually work!


What’s included?

  • Includes 8 Group Skills Training sessions (90 mins/session) with other similar minded students, parents, adults, and educators.

  • PLUS an additional 6 Group Coaching sessions (45 mins/session) where participants have the opportunity to receive personalized coaching and are provided with additional resources, tips and individualized strategies.

  • Lead by Tammy James, Senior Coaching & Trainer, of Positively ADHD who guides you through the coaching program and accompanying Seeing My Time workbook.

  • Sessions are held via teleconferencing software (Zoom). Participants need not worry if they are unable to attend a session(s) as all sessions are recorded and posted to a secure participant portal for later viewing.

  • Workbooks and class materials included.

  • This group coaching program is provided as an alternative to private coaching sessions with Tammy James, and, is offered at a significantly reduced rate compared to that of private coaching sessions. Please note this program is currently only run twice per year.  

  • $1497.00 (plus applicable taxes)

1691.61 CAD