Meet Tammy James, M.A. (old one)

Tammy James, ADHD Coach, Trainer and Psychoeducational Consultant, works with college and university students with ADHD and/or other learning challenges to become more organized, focused, and independent as they transition both into and out of post-secondary education. She is passionate about empowering young adults with ADHD to realize and achieve their potential (as determined by themselves) while discovering their hidden strengths and talents. By exploring strengths and interests, while at the same time learning more about ADHD in adulthood (the psychoeducational component to Tammy’s coaching) her clients move forward with confidence, focus, and self-acceptance.

Professional Background:  Tammy has worked with literally thousands of post-secondary students (and often times with their parents) as they transition into college/university and out into the workforce. Prior to beginning her coaching practice, Tammy worked within the post-secondary disability services field as both a Learning Disability Specialist and Disability Counsellor/Educator. She has been employed by the largest Learning Disability Service in the country (York University); during her time there, Tammy developed and implemented the first ADHD Workshop Series for Adults with ADHD at the University. While at York, Tammy also conducted Learning Skills Assessments/screening for suspected LD/ADHD, developed individual learning and accommodation plans, and coached students with both LD and/or ADHD. In addition to working at York University, Tammy has also held similar positions at both Brock University and Fanshawe College; her work history also includes employment within the Neuropsychiatry Department at the Hospital for Sick Children, as well as private practice work conducting both psychoeducational assessments and the provision of cognitive-behavioural therapy for various psychological disorders.

Education: Tammy has a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Waterloo as well as doctoral level training in Clinical Psychology from York University. She completed her general coach training at the internationally renowned Adler International Learning and then went on to complete specific ADHD Coach training at the prestigious ADD Coach Academy (U.S.A.).

What distinguishes Tammy apart from her colleagues is her empathetic and compassionate spirit, her sound interpersonal and communication skills, and her ever inquisitive mind. As a former national scholarship winner at the graduate level, she knows what it takes to be successful as a student – this, coupled with her knowledge and experience in the area of learning and executive functioning challenges, has lead her to develop a thriving coaching practice. Complimenting her skill set, Tammy has successfully navigated the educational system (at both the undergraduate and graduate levels) and is familiar with many of the challenges that young adults face as they transition into postsecondary studies and beyond. With over 15 years of experience working with individuals with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities (as well as a variety of other challenges), clients often share how they are hard pressed to find any other coach in the country who has Tammy’s combination of skills. But Tammy is never boastful, she is always humble, sincere, and approaches all clients with whom she works with both compassion and a gentle sense of humour – essential components to her work.

Through her tele-coaching, Tammy works with individuals across Canada within her private coaching practice (where she works exclusively with young adults with ADHD/LD).


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