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InteGREATed SUCCESS! Coaching & Training Program:

Executive Function Skills Program for Students, Parents, Adults, & Educators



Are you or your family constantly late or stressed?

Are you or your family overwhelmed with deadlines or school work?

Are there missing assignments or reports?

Do big projects get put off until the last minute?

Are you exhausted from nagging and worrying?



If so...this program is for YOU!



This coaching program is specifically designed to support those impacted by weak executive function skills (such as time management, planning, and organization) to better manage their school, work, and family life so that they can achieve more, with less stress.

This program uses an innovative approach to enhancing executive function skills that draws upon current neuroscience research, educational principles, and holistic health strategies to create time management, planning, and organization strategies that actually work!



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8 Sessions (Tuesdays 4:30 - 6:00 P.M. EST)


(where participants are provided with additional resources, tips and strategies)


Instructor:  Tammy James

Cost:  $1497.00  


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 Please note this coaching program has LIMITED ENROLLMENT (max. 20 people) and is currently offered just twice each year.



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Program Overview:

The Seeing My Time InteGREATed SUCCESS Coaching & Training Program draws upon current neuroscience research, educational principles,  holistic health strategies to create time management, planning, and organization strategies that actually work!

This program is unique because it begins with understanding how our brains’ strengths and weaknesses affect our behaviour. By understanding the brain, participants learn how to empower behaviour change within themselves and others, and to use the most effective brain-based strategies for improving executive function skills.

What really makes this program unique, however, is its combination of skills training AND executive function coaching. This integrated approach allows for both learning and application to take place as quickly and effectively as possible. As participants are exposed to a variety of tools and strategies, they create their own customized Executive Function Skills Toolkit…an invaluable resource and support to be used beyond this program.


Who Should Attend This Program?

This coaching and training program is designed for:

  • Students – Families with students in grades 6 (age 12) and above. For school age students grades 6 through high school, at least one parent is required to attend

  • College & University Students (including graduate students). We recommend that a parent attend if the student is living at home.

  • Adults (non-students) struggling with time management issues at work and home.

  • Parents seeking to understand how challenges in executive function may be impacting their children at school and at home.

  • All educators!



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What Are Executive Function skills?

“Executive function skills” is an umbrella term used to describe a set of skills or ways of thinking that, when working well, enable us to set and achieve our goals. 

Executive function skills include things like planning and prioritizing, time management, decision-making, organization, working memory, task initiation, sticking with a goal until it has been completed, monitoring one's behaviours and emotions, future planning, as well as the ability to control impulsive thoughts and behaviours. 

When you, or someone that you care about, has weak or underdeveloped executive function skills, this can have a negative impact upon school, work, and/or home life…


Achieve Executive Function Success With An “InteGREATed” Approach


At Positively ADHD, we are passionate about empowering those experiencing academic, work, family, and life challenges to develop a better understanding of how challenges in executive function may be impacting their lives. We understand that well developed executive function skills lay the foundation for success in school, work, and life.  

Our focus is upon achieving executive function success using an “inteGREATed” approach. Our InteGREATed SUCCESS! model utilizes an innovative approach to executive function skills development, integrating current neuroscience research and educational principles, as well as a variety of holistic health strategies.



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Seeing My Time InteGREATed SUCCESS!

Coaching & Training Program for Students, Parents, Adults, & Educators



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What’s Included?

  • Includes 8 Group Skills Training sessions (90 mins/session) with other similar minded students, parents, adults, and educators.

  • PLUS an additional 6 Group Coaching sessions (45 mins/session) where participants have the opportunity to receive personalized coaching and are provided with additional resources, tips and individualized strategies.

  • Facilitated by Tammy James, Senior Coach & Trainer, of Positively ADHD who guides you through the coaching program and accompanying Seeing My Time workbook.

  • Sessions are held via teleconferencing software (Zoom). Participants need not worry if they are unable to attend a session(s) as all sessions are recorded and posted to a secure participant portal for later viewing.

  • Workbooks and class materials included.

  • This group coaching program is provided as an alternative to private coaching sessions with Tammy James, and, is offered at a significantly reduced rate compared to that of private coaching sessions. Please note this program is currently offered just twice per year.  

  • Cost:  $1497.00 (plus applicable taxes)


Further Details: 

  • You will learn about brain development, further assess your own unique executive function strengths and weaknesses, uncover your own learning and processing styles (as well as why this is important for your future success).

  • Various tools for time management will be introduced, as well as those for planning, and organization.

  • Techniques for enhancing focus and increasing motivation will be shared.

  • Strategies for meeting due dates, completion of projects and assignments, as well as paper management will be outlined.

  • You will learn how to create a binder and planner system that supports those with executive function challenges (you will also learn about one of the best products on the market to support the ADHD brain).

  • Planning for the future will also be discussed.




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